Learn how to create immersive training scenarios

Creating high-quality and effective VR training scenarios can be challenging, complicated and hard to get right. We will share our experience creating highly immersive and interactive VR training scenarios for clients working in different industries. We will show you our process that made us successful and currently impacts thousands of employees worldwide with a more effective training solution.

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Fundamental course for Clients

More than 2 hours of course content

In this course, we will explain how to create high-quality VR training scenarios for your employees. Create story-based scenarios, produced with 360˚ video and made interactive by using our award-winning platform Warp Studio.


Fundamental course for Warp Experts

More than 2 1/2 hours of course content

In this course, we will explain how to create high-quality VR training scenarios for your clients. Become part of a global community of instructional designers, media producers and other creative companies that are passionate about using VR for training.

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Meet the instructors

Thijs de Vries

Chief Executive Officer at Warp VR

Thijs has consulted many companies in using gaming techniques for learning and changing behavior. As an international speaker, he talked to business leaders and managers worldwide about the impact of playful learning. In his role of CEO at Warp VR, he makes sure that companies can revolutionize the way they train.

Danny de Bruijn

Chief eXperience Officer at Warp VR

Danny has worked in the past few years with some of the biggest companies to create high-quality VR training scenarios for their workforce. Companies such as KLM, Tata steel, BBC and British Telecom have used the process and products of Warp VR to get their Learning and Development into the next era.

About Warp VR

At Warp VR we strongly believe in the power of immersive and active learning by combining Virtual Reality with theory coming from learning, games and videography. Its is our mission to make this unique way of learning accessible to all through our award-winning platform Warp Studio. An easy-to-use and unique platform to create, distribute and analyze VR training scenarios. Accompanied with our mobile apps for iOS, Android and Oculus, we offer a full suite of tools to start using VR for learning today.

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